Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


You live in a big city. There are times you just wanna get away from all the noises and crowds and just go explore for yourself. This picture is one of the biggest moments I had last year.

I was so frustrated with all the studying and work that one day, I decided to postpone what I was doing for a while and just go traveling. It was a 10-day journey. I travelled through my country, Vietnam. And as each day passed, I posted a picture on my facebook, telling my friends what I had done that day and asked them where I should go next. By doing that, I had the chance to meet some new friends, who had been my facebook friends forever. This pic was taken on my last night at Da Lat. It was a very cold night. I just enjoyed some grilled corn and about to go to Tay Ninh the next day to climb a mountain. Suddenly I caught a cold that night so I had to go home. But it was a very memorable trip. There was no plan, with a little money and a close buddy. The trip was so spontaneous but yet the most interesting trip I’ve ever had.



My last night travelling before going home.


One comment

  1. la chica de la burbuja · April 26, 2014

    Spontaneity – nice!

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