Top 5 places in my bucket list

Nothing’s better than a nice getaway after all the {working, studying, busy life} tortures, Sure I love to party in town too, but to travel and experience new things is my greater wish.

There are some places that I’ve always wanted to go. And they will be in my bucket list of places to go before I die.

1. Taihiti 


Ok, I love the sea. Hands down. I would travel to any top beaches in the world if I could. I love the bright sun, blue sea, and the feel of salt in the air. Taihiti is among them.

2. Tulip fields in Holland


And the windmills. Yes! Who doesn’t love colorful flowers, especially when they’re combined in a large area?

3. Paris


Eiffel tower to be exact! Love is in the air baby, love is in the air!

Oh and the Love Lock Bridge! I think they have one in Seoul tower too. Would be nice to travel with my special one.

4. The Grand Canyon


And try out Rope Swing. Got this idea from a Youtuber named devinsupertramp. Oh how cool would that be!

5. Nam Cat Tien National Park (Vietnam)


Ok I’m going here this Labor Day. Can’t wait to go trekking, exploring and spending the night in the Forrest Floor Lodge. Well at least I can complete 1 destination in my bucket list right?

Longing for new adventures where I can experience new things and meet new people! I’m getting there! Wait for it people!


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