My life recently

Last time I blogged was in July. And been busy since then. Today is the last day of November and I’m writing this blog.  Yeah lots of things happened. I’m trying to stir my mind and name some of them:


Yep, that’s me, wearing a blue shirt right there 😛

1. Got a new job in the beginning of July. Been working in SaigonTech university for 5 months now!

2. Attended a lot of fascinating activities at work. Prom, Teacher’s day, Friday Music Show, Thanksgiving, Thursday-matics, SaigonTech Tour (as an MC!) etc.


Playing guitar for the SGT band. It was fun 😛

3. Been learning a lot.  And I mean A WHOLE LOT. Because it helps my studying at my university like crazy. And I actually got some practical knowledge about marketing that other students don’t.

4. Took part in some amazing outside activities. Was the MC of the Hallo Deutschland’s Party. Was the volunteer in Prisma – The Night Run. Went to the Hardwell Music Festival. I can only remember those for now.

5. Tried to travel as much as I could. Been to Vung Tau twice, Phan Thiet once for the last few months.

6. Oh and  started designing courses at DPI. Let’s see where it will take me to!

That’s all I can think for now. More videos and pictures will be updated soon!

See ya! Wish you all the best in life! 🙂


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