Paris 7:00 AM

Exactly where I wanna be at 7:00 every morning 🙂

Minh Ha Nguyen Photography

Paris is more quiet and beautiful in the early morning, contrary to the busy and touristique city that I used to know.

What I observe through my lens is more about Parisiens daily life with their morning activities…

La Seine 


An empty bottle left on the balustrade…


Île SaintLouis


At L’hôtel de ville de Paris


Morning market 


Homeless people


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My life recently

Last time I blogged was in July. And been busy since then. Today is the last day of November and I’m writing this blog.  Yeah lots of things happened. I’m trying to stir my mind and name some of them:


Yep, that’s me, wearing a blue shirt right there 😛

1. Got a new job in the beginning of July. Been working in SaigonTech university for 5 months now!

2. Attended a lot of fascinating activities at work. Prom, Teacher’s day, Friday Music Show, Thanksgiving, Thursday-matics, SaigonTech Tour (as an MC!) etc.


Playing guitar for the SGT band. It was fun 😛

3. Been learning a lot.  And I mean A WHOLE LOT. Because it helps my studying at my university like crazy. And I actually got some practical knowledge about marketing that other students don’t.

4. Took part in some amazing outside activities. Was the MC of the Hallo Deutschland’s Party. Was the volunteer in Prisma – The Night Run. Went to the Hardwell Music Festival. I can only remember those for now.

5. Tried to travel as much as I could. Been to Vung Tau twice, Phan Thiet once for the last few months.

6. Oh and  started designing courses at DPI. Let’s see where it will take me to!

That’s all I can think for now. More videos and pictures will be updated soon!

See ya! Wish you all the best in life! 🙂

Traveling Diaries: Vung Tau for a day

It’s been so hard to find 2-3 days to get out of town. Last week I only had a day off. So I took the chance and went travelled somewhere near the city.

Vung Tau is only about 2 hrs driving from Ho Chi Minh City. That’s why the city is always crowded at weekends. People who like to travel but do not have much time love to spend their weekends there.

But last week was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I mean, it’s summer weekend, and the students just finished all the exams last Thursday. We arrived at Vung Tau around 1am on Sunday, trying to check in a hotel. But they were ALL FULL. What the heck? I called everywhere, from the local hostels, motels to any 5-star hotels like the Imperial Hotel, and no where could we find a place to sleep. We found an available room at a motel but they tried to charge us the same price as a 5-star hotel room (no thank you!)

After 1.5 hrs of driving around looking for a place to stay, we ended up calling a friend whose parents live there. Luckily their house still have an available room for us. When we got in their house, it was nearly 3 am and my eyes were as heavy as rocks.

The next morning we went out to discover the town. We tried some hometown famous “banh khot” as well as got some ice cream at a local coffee shop. Later at noon, we went to Long Son to enjoy some fresh seafood (shrimps, oysters, fish etc…)

We got back to HCM cicy around 8pm. What a trip! This is why I’m so scared of travelling during holidays. And also I promised myself to book for a hotel BEFORE arriving if I don’t wanna go wandering around town like last Sunday.

Here is a clip of my trip:

Top 5 places in my bucket list

Nothing’s better than a nice getaway after all the {working, studying, busy life} tortures, Sure I love to party in town too, but to travel and experience new things is my greater wish.

There are some places that I’ve always wanted to go. And they will be in my bucket list of places to go before I die.

1. Taihiti 


Ok, I love the sea. Hands down. I would travel to any top beaches in the world if I could. I love the bright sun, blue sea, and the feel of salt in the air. Taihiti is among them.

2. Tulip fields in Holland


And the windmills. Yes! Who doesn’t love colorful flowers, especially when they’re combined in a large area?

3. Paris


Eiffel tower to be exact! Love is in the air baby, love is in the air!

Oh and the Love Lock Bridge! I think they have one in Seoul tower too. Would be nice to travel with my special one.

4. The Grand Canyon


And try out Rope Swing. Got this idea from a Youtuber named devinsupertramp. Oh how cool would that be!

5. Nam Cat Tien National Park (Vietnam)


Ok I’m going here this Labor Day. Can’t wait to go trekking, exploring and spending the night in the Forrest Floor Lodge. Well at least I can complete 1 destination in my bucket list right?

Longing for new adventures where I can experience new things and meet new people! I’m getting there! Wait for it people!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


You live in a big city. There are times you just wanna get away from all the noises and crowds and just go explore for yourself. This picture is one of the biggest moments I had last year.

I was so frustrated with all the studying and work that one day, I decided to postpone what I was doing for a while and just go traveling. It was a 10-day journey. I travelled through my country, Vietnam. And as each day passed, I posted a picture on my facebook, telling my friends what I had done that day and asked them where I should go next. By doing that, I had the chance to meet some new friends, who had been my facebook friends forever. This pic was taken on my last night at Da Lat. It was a very cold night. I just enjoyed some grilled corn and about to go to Tay Ninh the next day to climb a mountain. Suddenly I caught a cold that night so I had to go home. But it was a very memorable trip. There was no plan, with a little money and a close buddy. The trip was so spontaneous but yet the most interesting trip I’ve ever had.



My last night travelling before going home.